Harrison Assessments - Automated Benchmarking

Harrison Benchmarking Technology formulates critical success factors and derailers for mission critical jobs.

For mission critical jobs its essential to know the exact factors that relate to job success so you can effectively select the right candidates and target training for existing employees. Performance Benchmarking quantifies and formulates the factors that enable employees to succeed.

Harrison Benchmarking is a scientific means to measure the exact factors related to Job Success. It results in a formula that accurately predicts the job performance, employee engagement and retention. It identifies performance gaps providing the focus necessary to make fast and effective improvements in job performance; enabling employees to learn high performance.

The result... better selection and targeted development that leads to higher performance!

Organisations that have undertaken HATS benchmarking report a much greater understanding of their jobs as well as how employees can succeed.

Determine the key success factors for the specific job:

- how important is each factors in relationship to other factors?

- what impact does each level of each factor have on performance?

HATS Performance Benchmarking Research uses highly sophisticated technology to:

  • Draw upon a full range 175 suitability factors including personality, attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work preferences, task preferences, work environment preferences, interests and employment preferences.
  • Determine the factors that differentiate high performers from average or low performers for your specific job.
  • Weight the relative importance of each factor.
  • Measure how each level of each factor impacts performance (not possible if done manually).
  • Consistently get high correlations with job performance.
  • Provide all of the above for a minimal cost and fast turnaround time.

Based on more than 30 years of research assessing the factors related to job specific success.

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