Harrison Assessments - SmartQuestionnaire™

What Is the SmartQuestionnaire™?

The SmartQuestionnaire's unique construct:

  • Measures essential, job-specific success factors with highly accurate results using 6,500+ researched Job Success Formulas.
  • Accurately predicts an individual's engagement, performance, work satisfaction and retention.
  • Provides decision makers with an easy-to-understand overall score explicitly indicating a person's potential for success in a specific role.
  • Prevents and detects deception using three psychological methodologies for authentication.
  • Provides the equivalent of a full day of typical job-specific testing in less than 25 minutes.
  • Offers administration in 29 languages.

Leverage the Benefits Throughout the Talent Cycle

  • The SmartQuestionnaire's™ unique design and the powerful science behind it provide a wealth of data that can be leveraged throughout the entire talent management life-cycle... yet it takes only 25 minutes for candidates and employees to complete.
  • For pre-hire assessment, the SmartQuestionnaire minimizes the time candidates need to complete an assessment and accelerates your organization's hiring process.
  • Extensive validation and strong defensibility reduces legal exposure.
  • Harrison Assessments can be utilized throughout the talent cycle to accelerate development, identify future high potential employees, provide career guidance, and create engagement alignment with management, teams, and organizational goals.

Unrivalled Comprehensiveness & Convenience

Harrison's SmartQuestionnaire™ identifies the ideal person for each specific job by measuring all the factors that constitute success in that role-including eligibility factors (such as education, experience and skills) and suitability factors (such as job-related behaviours). Harrison Assessments integrates all factors into one final score to select or promote the right individual for each and every role with no guesswork and no interpretation. No other assessment compares.

Built-In Lie Prevention

The Harrison Assessment SmartQuestionnaire™ is designed to prevent an individual from feeling the need to be deceptive. Even so, any attempt to deceive the SmartQuestionnaire™ is detected by more than 8,200 cross-references of the person's answers.

The Harrison system is so sensitive that even slight attempts to deceive it are automatically detected, located, and flagged for you. Even individuals practiced at deception will be identified as poor candidates because they will inevitably fail the Paradoxical Analysis mechanism, which is completely hidden. The SmartQuestionnaire™ handles deception better than any assessment questionnaire in the industry.

Mitigates Legal Risk

Using a comprehensive assessment tool like the SmartQuestionnaire™ helps reduce potential legal exposure. Harrison's SmartQuestionnaire™ meets all the legal requirements of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and is legally defensible because questions follow the job analysis for each specific job. As a result, it's strong face validity effectively counters any argument of unfair adverse impact.

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